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British Airways should go to the Cloud

The headline grabbing IT failures such as that suffered recently by BA should make us pause and reflect on how it happened. IT is a critical part of most companies, but it often gets neglected or seen as a cost rather than a key system or an enabler. It's easy to...

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Cyber Attack on NHS England

Everything you need to know about cyber-attack on NHS England, and how it could have been avoided The recent and highly public WannaCrypt cyber-attack had a huge impact on organisations around the world, in particular the NHS service Given the impact, particularly the...

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BREXIT for the Cloud

The UK vote for BREXIT has surprised many people, and the debates are likely to go on for many months to come.  Taking a Cloud specific look though, we don't believe there's any reason to panic. Short Term The UK vote doesn’t have an automatic...

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Cloud Security Part 2 – AWS Account Structure

Security in the cloud is a topic that keeps coming around.  It’s often the number 1 reason people avoid the cloud, assuming (wrongly) that security or data protection laws mean they can’t adopt cloud infrastructure.  The reality is you’re...

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