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Cloud Automation is the next step in the evolution of your Cloud platform. This will ensure your valuable IT staff are committed to delivering business value, rather than wasting time and energy on repetitive tasks.

But what does Cloud Automation actually mean? In short, it means ‘Infrastructure as Code’. Recurring build, configuration and management tasks previously completed manually by expensive IT resources can now be converted into code to be executed instantly and repeatedly.

Cloud Automation will provide a wide range of business and technical benefits that will ensure successful IT delivery and support the wider growth, efficiency and security of your business.

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At LayerV, our experienced team of Cloud experts and DevOps engineers can transform the way you use Cloud today. Leverage our pre-existing tools and processes. We are vendor-neutral, and we will always work with you to use platforms and toolsets that match your business objectives and scale.


“A methodology and set of practices that unify a team consisting of business leadership, development, testing, deployment, and operations to be responsible for the creation and delivery of business capabilities”

Build value by focusing on application development

Cloud Automation can build a code integration and deployment platform to accelerate the development and tuning of your application and website functionality. The rate of change in modern IT makes this agility a necessary feature of any high-performing technology business.

Rapidly scalable infrastructure

Cloud Automation can deliver a standardised infrastructure based on templates, deployment artefacts or groups of packages. At the click of a button, or at a programmed request of your infrastructure tooling, it is possible to scale IT systems on demand. Scalability doesn’t just support rapid growth, but can limit costs by automating on-demand scalability instead of implementing bloated infrastructure to cater for that occasional peak demand.

Error-free infrastructure deployment

Design robust infrastructure once as code, then let your tools worry about the deployment. By eliminating errors and unplanned remediation effort on your infrastructure, Cloud Automation allows IT teams to deliver whilst remaining lean and efficient.

Streamline Cloud Management

With the ability to build rapidly using Cloud Automation comes the requirement to track and manage that fluid infrastructure. Automating the tracking, monitoring, upgrading, patching, securing, destroying and rebuilding your infrastructure will ensure ongoing control over your IT estate and spend.

In 2016, more than 25,000 professionals in IT, software development, quality and management were surveyed across the globe.


DevOps creates more time for innovation.

What could you do with 10% more engineering time?

200x more frequent deployments

24x faster recovery from failures

3x lower change failure rate


50% less time spent remediating security issues


22% less time spent on unplanned work and rework

*Source: DevOps Puppet Report 2016 / puppet.com/devops-report-2016