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Continuous Compliance

Monitor your compliance status at a glance.

LayerV’s Continuous Compliance is designed to meet Public Cloud security requirements out-of-the-box, with comprehensive coverage and a 24/7/365 incident reaction and management capability. With LayerV’s Continuous Compliance in an AWS, Azure or your own private environment, your business can rapidly go from zero to FCA, PCI-DSS or ISO27001 compliant.

At LayerV, our continuous compliance service is an ongoing partnership. We build relationships with our clients to ensure that they are compliant and remain compliant on a continuous basis. We have years and years of experience in architecting secure and compliant cloud solutions. We’ve worked from the ground up to design and develop a combination of best-in-class third-party tools and LayerV bespoke development, all wrapped with our secure processes. Our platform has been designed by cloud and security architects, and validated by auditors themselves.

Business Benefits

  • Near Real-time 360⁰ Managed Security Platform
  • “Out of the box” Comprehensive Security Coverage
  • Confidence in your Cloud Security
  • Ensure compliance of your cloud against regulatory and industry requirements such as FCA, ISO27001, PCI
  • Single Pane of Glass Dashboard

Technical Capabilities

  • Central Auditing and Logging
  • Granular management of identities and access controls
  • Comprehensive monitoring for cloud platform, OS, applications and services
  • Full integration with SIEM (Security Incident and Event Management)

Features at a glance


Real-time Alerts Against Security Events

Using API and event logging we monitor for and alert against any security related changes in your environment.

200+ Security Best Practice Policies

We automatically check >200 security best practice policies and generate non-compliance reports.

Perimeter Assessment

Quickly and easily review the network security perimeter of your environments using our cloud assessment tools.

Continuous Penetration and Vulnerability Testing

We run non-intrusive vulnerability and penetration tests continuously to ensure you are the first to know about security risks.

Dynamic CMDB

We maintain a 100% consistent, real-time CMDB that tracks your auto-deployed infrastructure.  Always have a view of current and historical configuration to hand.

Dynamic Access Control

All access to servers and data is controlled and managed by our 24×7 security team, with a full audit trail retained to meet compliance requirements.

Security Architecture

Our best practice security architecture will meet your requirements for seperation of duties, audit access etc.

Plus more…

  • Password Management
  • SIEM
  • FIM
  • IPS
  • Anti-Malware
  • OS Patch Reporting


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