Google Cloud Platform

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Google Cloud Platform

High-quality cloud infrastructure

Since 2001, Google have been building a powerful and high-quality cloud infrastructure. Internally Google leverage this infrastructure for several high-traffic and global-scale services, including Gmail, Maps, YouTube and Search.

Due to the size and scale of these services, Google have optimised their infrastructure and created a suite of tools and services to manage it effectively. This infrastructure and these management resources are packaged as Google Cloud Platform (GCP), enabling customers to deploy:

  • Cloud compute, especially large-scale computing solutions
  • Cloud storage including file sharing solutions
  • Networking solutions
  • Big data solutions

LayerV is GCP Channel Partner Reseller. Becoming a partner enables LayerV to design, service and innovate by leveraging the GCP platform scale and products. Our team of highly trained and certified GCP solution architects and DBA’s will assist in architecting the relevant application suite appropriate.


  • Machine Learning Services
  • Data Migration Expertise
  • 24x7x365 Operational Support
  • Cloud automation that ensures optical performance
  • Adaptive and scalable cloud architecture tailored for your business
  • Consolidated billing – One bill from one supplier for however many environments the customer requires
  • Enhanced GCP support – we deal directly with Google Cloud Platform support on your behalf and as a partner have access to enhanced support