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We make the cloud support you, so you can focus on what you do best.

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Managed Cloud Services

We make the cloud support, so you can focus on what you do best.

Supercharge your business and allow our next generation operations centre to proactively and efficiently manage your cloud infrastructure around the clock.

LayerV’s Managed Cloud offering is about building a technology partnership to deliver Cloud Services that help our partners meet their business objectives. At LayerV we pride ourselves on understanding our client and their unique challengess. We strive to build and manage IT services that support that unique business.

LayerV’s hybrid UK/near-shore operating model was designed to provide the optimum balance between a UK-based leadership and a near-shore technical expertise and service desk at affordable rates. We know our clients want regular access to our experienced technical professionals, and they want an experienced and motivated service desk available 24x7. This is what Managed Cloud is built to deliver.

Managed Cloud provides our clients with proactive monitoring and management of their cloud infrastructure. Whether your priority is rapid performance, high availability, security, or cost management, LayerV’s automated Cloud Management toolset, ISO27001 certification and carefully briefed service team will work to continuously improve your managed service.

LayerV’s Managed Cloud gives you direct access to a wealth of Cloud knowledge. Experienced IT resources are expensive and hard to find, and true Cloud expertise is rarer still. Our offering will give you access to a huge IT skill base fully covering the major Public Cloud providers (AWS, Azure, Google). This range of skillsets and experience is available through Managed Cloud at a price-point not achievable for UK-only businesses.

Managed Cloud Services

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